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Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Road Trip - Part 1

(Delayed post due to technical difficulties!) 
For the remaining weeks of summer, I've told the kids that one day each week we will take a road trip. They are busy with work and activities, but hopefully at least two of the four will be able to go each trip. 
Yesterday Zachary and Tyler were able to go. 
They wanted to play golf at Hinton, at a beautiful course that Zachary has played before. Unfortunately that course has closed again. It's a shame because it was so pretty and surely brought visitors to gnat town!
We decided to go to Weatherford, where they were able to play 18 holes. I love watching them play. Some day I won't get to do that. I don't think grown men would want their moms following them around a golf course! 😂
Tyler wanted a selfie. I wasn't ready when he snapped this! 😂 Obviously he was!
It was back to Hinton for lunch.
Zachary had eaten here before, so had raced about the place. It didn't disappoint! That chicken fried steak was HUGE! We had lots of it left for my husband. The green beans were delicious! The boys liked the rolls. The mashed potatoes weren't homemade, which is always weird to me, but they were okay. I wanted coconut pie to go, but it was gone. That's okay. Didn't need it, anyway!
Our final stop we looked in the gift shop at the 50's diner, Lucille's in Weatherford. 

What a fun day for our first SUMMER ROAD TRIP!

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