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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Aggies for Christ

A group of Texas A & M "Aggies for Christ" come work every January at Tipton Children's Home.  Usually we are tied up with basketball games, but this year since our youngest isn't playing, we had a free night.
We hosted the Aggies in our home for Mexican food and boy, was that a special treat for us (and for them, I think! They love Mexican food!).  
 We had each of the 21 young adults go around and tell us where they were from and what they were majoring in. A few had already graduated, but just came back to work with the group.  I can't remember now, but there are approximately 250 of the "Aggies for Christ" group that were working at 10 or 12 different places during that last week of their Christmas break.
 We were so impressed with these fine young people! They were so polite and loved working here, but they especially like the fact that they are building relationships with the children here at the Home.  It is a blessing having them come, for sure.
One thing that impressed me was that the group didn't have their cell phones out. That's pretty amazing this day and age! I'm sure their college minister and group leader lays down guide lines for the trip, but it was still nice to see - or NOT see!
 One girl was celebrating her birthday. We were out of candles, but quickly found a skewer and lit it on her dessert for an impromptu birthday celebration!
We played a few games, heard their stories, and got to know them...and got to know some of them better.  I think we would have adopted them all :).  What a great group!

Thanks, Aggies for Christ! We look forward to you being back here next year!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

They look good too in their matching shirts! What a great way for you to serve those who are serving!

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