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Monday, October 26, 2015

Ladies' Day in El Reno

One of my favorite lessons that I'm asked to do for Ladies' Day events is called, "If Teacups Could Talk". It's the one that many have asked me to do, probably because it's about sisters in Christ and their friendships, so relatable to all, but also because it's an easy and fun decorating theme.
The ladies of the London & Macomb church in El Reno, OK, did a wonderful job decorating and planning for their ladies' day!  Lots of hard work went into the event, as you can tell!  I loved the teacups in the flower bed!
One lady has a lot of the blue and white tea cups and saucers and other items, so the blue/white was the predominate theme color.  So pretty!
A quick breakfast was served as ladies registered.
The registration table was beautiful.  And the little blue and white purse on the back left corner was later used to draw out names to win door prizes.  The prizes were books about tea and friendships. (I can't remember the name right now, but it actually may be "If Teacups Could Talk", just like my lesson!)
There was enough food for us, plus they had a dinner yesterday after worship! I'm sure there was still food left! It was delicious!
One lady made all of these little teacup and teapot candies.  So cute!
And she made this cake, which was beautiful, but also delicious!
A beautiful tiered tray with more desserts....
More pretty blue/white dishes for decorations....
And each table setting had an adorable teacup sugar cookie and the silverware wrapped with the pretty theme-inspired napkin ring.
The fellowship building, just up the street a few feet from the church building, is an old house.  I loved it! It reminded me of a house my husband and I lived in and where we lived when our first three children were born (except it was at least double the size!).
The kitchen was so cute. I loved the shelves and all of the antique decor that members have probably donated to the building/house.
I could imagine wedding showers and baby showers being so intimate in this place!!
This was my favorite room. Love those windows and lace curtains!
Homey.  That's what it was.  A wonderful day!
Sharing God's Word with ladies is my passion.  I think that ladies' day events are some of the most important things we can do, because it's great for women to get together and worship, sing, pray, and laugh.  It's good for us to get to know one another better.  

Thank you to the ladies from the L and M congregation for inviting me to be with you.  I pray that you were encouraged and uplifted by being there.  Most of all, I pray that God was glorified by all that was said and done.  To Him be all of the glory!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

It was beautiful! I'm sure they enjoyed you being there and your lesson!

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