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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

First Day of School 2015

The first day of school.  The day some look forward to and some dread.

Today was very different.  Only our two youngest headed out the door for school today.  That's just weird!  It was different when our daughter graduated, but with the three boys together, it was still okay. Today was weird.  Only two were even awake!  The other two were still asleep, even though the mommy in me would have liked for them to get up and see their younger brothers off to school, the younger two didn't seem to mind at all.

This year the youngest is officially in Junior High.  He was in the building last year, but this year there are the fun ballgames that go along with it!  He's growing up - and quickly.  The next youngest is a Junior in High School. He reminded me several times yesterday and this morning that next year he'll be a Senior.  He's always been the "baby", so it's really hard to imagine, though he's matured so much that I know it's going just the way it's supposed to go. He's gonna fly the coop, too! Imagine that from the boy who used to say he was going to live next door to us and be close forever!  (P.S. That's when we said that at the "end of college" age - for him 23 - that he HAD to be out of the house. We didn't want him to think he could mooch forever! Ha ha!)  But, he is excited about his future, even though he's not sure of what it holds.  And so are we.....even though I certainly don't want these two years to fly by.

As I prayed with the boys this morning (my husband had to pick up donuts for two different groups), I prayed that they will be good examples to others and show the example of Jesus in their words and actions.  That prayer should be for each of God's children, each and every day.  The youngest informed me that he was going to take some advice his dad gave during a devo last night.  "Be interested, not interesting."  In other words, care more about others than you do yourself.  I was really proud of him for going into this new school year with that on his mind.  Wouldn't it be good if we all kept that in mind each and every day?  It sums up the greatest and second greatest commands in the Bible: Love God. Love others.

Happy first day of school, boys! I love you forever and always! :)

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