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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Women of the Word Conference - Stillwater, OK

My daughter and I had the opportunity to speak at an inaugural event hosted by the ladies of the Stillwater church of Christ.  We were blessed to be a part of the day and pray that those who attended were blessed, encouraged, and uplifted by the messages they heard from us, as well as from the other speakers.
The photo prop spot was a lot of fun!  I'm hoping that we will see some of the "regular" pictures of she and I together that were taken because I failed to get even ONE!  That's kind of sad!!

The elders of the congregation served breakfast and set up the catered lunch. They refilled tea, water, and lemonade as we ate, plus cleaned up the kitchen and decorated areas afterwards. I thought that was one of the neatest things I had seen done at a ladies' event!  They seemed happy to be doing it, too! Thank you to these men!
The decor was a nautical theme of red, white, and blue.  I haven't ever decorated in this style, but have some things coming up that we may be using this theme. So cute!
The addition of sand and seashells was perfect!
The ticking overlays were just to the edge of the table, so that was different, but I really liked it! The big candle represented God and we lit the little ones to symbolize each of our lives.  I liked that!
My daughter did two lessons and did a great job! With a few power point slides and just the lesson in her head, she knew exactly what she wanted to say! Being younger and without as much experience as the rest of us, she did great! I have to write out my whole thing and would never be able to speak for 30 minutes without notes!
Her second lesson was a "Disney Princess Qualities" theme. She used scriptures along with it. I got the idea for her from a friend I met through Facebook.  Lauren's experience as a Disney Cast Member gave this an even more special presentation.  The young moms in the audience can now use her thoughts to go along with the movies when they watch them with their children.

This was a little bead bracelet craft kit that everyone was given. My daughter put hers together, but I didn't have time right before my last lesson.  Maybe she'll do it for me. :)

These were my two lessons.  I love using power point (Keynote) slides and love making them.  It is a great way to study because you visually have to think about the lesson making sense and flowing, but it also allows me to be creative and make it pretty. Those that know me know I like things to go together, so my two lessons had to "match".  I love themes like this!

I want to thank the ladies of the Stillwater church for their planning, prayer, and purpose for this conference.  It was great to be able to be a part of the event.  Thanks to all who attended!

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