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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Star Quest VBS 2015

Our VBS this year was WAY OUT OF THIS WORLD!  This is in the auditorium up on the stage area.  The astronaut is hanging out of the baptistry!  Unfortunately we're having to purchase a new one due to this one leaking, but it made it easier to decorate because my brother-in-law (our preacher) and sister-in-law could put screws into all of it without worrying about the damage!
 I have to admit, that since I'm not a Star Wars or Star Trek fan, this theme didn't excite me. I was excited about teaching the children about the Creation of the stars...God's promise to Abram (Abraham) that his descendants would be like the numerous stars in the sky...and about the Wise Men following the star, but the theme decor didn't sound like "me".

However, I DO like black lights, so when I decided to use a lot of black light effects in my room, I got really excited! At the time, I didn't realize the whole auditorium would be used in blacklight, too!
 I soon realized that it would be one of the students very favorite and probably the most memorable of all.  One of my boys and my nephew found this "rocket" in a room behind the baptistry.  They brought it out and painted it.  It worked out perfectly!
Our class used robots and I told the kids we were playing like we were inside a spaceship, traveling back to the Bible days when the stories actually happened.
My daughter made this great jet packs we saw on the internet!  She did great!  It's 2 two liter bottles, in case you can't tell.
I wanted to make some rockets, but one of my husband's coworkers is a genius in many ways! We only asked if there was some 3-inch PVC pipe and were going to use paper and styrofoam for the cone shape and bottom.  We got home and he had built these! He cut and melted the PVC to form the pointed shape. That's amazing!!  And real wood on the bottom part!  My daughter painted and decorated them, we added some glow in the dark paint, and the rockets stayed there all week!
I only had six students in my class, which was different.  While, of course, I wish there had been more in that age group, it was kind of nice getting to have a round, planet-shaped table and lots of room!
When the black lights were on, the room was beautiful! Stars glowing all around!  You can't really see it....
Small details in the Bible are often overlooked by most of the "Christian" world.  At Christmas, we see and hear of the 3 Wise Men, yet the Bible doesn't say how many men went to the HOUSE, not manger.  There were three gifts, but we don't know how many....and they didn't arrive the night Jesus was born.  He was older.  It was a little scary that my almost 17 year old son heard me teach that lesson and came out saying he had never heard it before!  I am sure I've said it, but he probably didn't remember it.  That means, as a parents, we/I must REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT!  

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