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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

State Football Championship Ring Ceremony

When our football team won the Class C Championship in December, a fundraiser began immediately to raise money for the team, coaches, and assistants to get rings to commemorate this special occasion.  On Sunday afternoon, the rings were officially given out.

Our 16-year-old was really excited to be a part of this State Championship team.  He was on last year's team that lost in the State Championship, so experiencing this big win was quite special.  
And although our oldest son, who is a Senior this year, doesn't play football, he is the sports commentator and is known as the "Voice of the Tigers" on our school's broadcasting network through his FFA Ag Communications class.  He's been doing the live broadcasts for events the past two years, so when the administration wanted to recognize him in this way, he was very, very appreciative!  So were we, as his parents!  Pretty neat to be honored like this.  
A special part of the team this year was that our nephew is now the head football coach.  He had been an assistant for three years prior to this.  Also, our brother-in-law is one of the assistants.  How fun to have an uncle and cousin being coaches for your team!  And fine Christian men they are, which is even better.
The boys are showing off their rings here.  They are BIG rings, too!!  They won't be wearing them every day, but have them to wear on occasions.  The cheerleaders, cheer sponsors, and video technician also got awarded, but instead of rings, the females got pendants to wear on chains.
Here's our youngest with his teammates that are also Sophomores.  They'll be Seniors in no time!

What a special memory this ceremony will be for our boys!  A great season of DOMINANCE on the field!  Way to go, Tigers!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

got a smile from him on the last one! Very cool that Z got one too!

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