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Thursday, April 9, 2015

91st Annual Tipton Children's Home Homecoming

What a FUN day it was celebrating TCH's 91st anniversary and homecoming for all of the alumni of TCH, as well as for our high school!
 Over a year ago, a former TCH resident told of her biscuit-making days. She's either the middle girl or the 4th girl in the picture above.  She told about making biscuits for about 225 people every morning!
 The alumni director began getting out all of the "baking" pictures she could find and I, plus a few others, began helping come up with decorations to go with this year's planned "Biscuit" theme.
 It turned out so cute!!  Everyone loved the baking and biscuit theme, with lots of special things added to make the celebration a success.
 Our resident carpenter made recipe card holder centerpieces to be given away.  We placed the Biscuit recipe into the slit and tied each rolling pin with a biscuit cutter.  There were 50 given away!
 It's fun finding pictures from the past that go along with each year's theme.
 And it was easy to use real kitchen items to go along with the look!
 We chose a red, turquoise/aqua and white theme for the colors.
 Just for fun, we decoupaged some biscuits and put in them little baskets (Hobby Lobby).  The biscuits were air dried for many days, then decoupaged with Modge Podge.
 The chefs hats were a fun addition. These were "disposable" and a kind of fabric.  They were a little strange on top with four holes!  I guess it was for ventilation!  But, I got used to it and used them on the tables, anyway.
 The local antique store let us borrow several things, like this cute table!
 These old scales and mixing bowls were in the cafeteria basement.  And then more borrowed items.
 The scales were originally used in the cafeteria and light up.  Very neat!
 This old stove was a WONDERFUL addition to our decorations, and came about by accident! We just happened to mention getting one from a town nearby and one of the secretary's sisters-in-law had one in town.  And the colors on it were perfect!  See the iron skillet with biscuits on the stove?
 Not the best picture, but I've just decided not to care and be glad I have a memory of times like this.  I used to never be in pictures, but figured that some day - when I'm no longer here - my family will be glad I'm in a few!
 Here's Joe and the "biscuit" maker and the reason we began this theme.  She was telling some funny story about how her husband teased her about her biscuit making when they first were married.  She's got some great stories of the past, for sure!
The celebration ended with biscuits, of course.  Lunch was wonderful! Fried chicken strips, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, gravy and biscuits.....oh, and cobbler!  Then it was off for exploring the campus.
(Sojourners posing in front of my old pickup. That was where they wanted their annual group picture!  Good! That justifies me having it even more.  Oh, and I had someone want to buy it yesterday. It's not for sale unless you ask our oldest son! Ha ha!)

Thank you to all at TCH who worked to make this year's celebration a huge success. We owe a BIG thanks to the Sojourners who helped us get ready for the day.  And to the alumni, you are why we have this special day.  YOU are always, always welcome.  We want you to come Home any time.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sweet! I know they all appreciate the fun themed activities!

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