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Thursday, March 12, 2015

"Seeking Spiritual Beauty - A Night at the S.P.A"

Every Ladies' Night Out theme I see or help with, I decide that it's my all-time favorite theme!  But, truthfully, I think that whatever event I'm doing or helping with is my favorite at that time, because that's what's consuming my mind!
This "Seeking Spiritual Beauty - A Night at the S.P.A" theme was chosen for our 2nd Ladies' Night Out at our congregation.  We planned for a just a few months, and worked together to make it all come together wonderfully!  S.P.A. stood for spirit, personality, and attitude.
I'll tell more about the theme next time, but will just share about the decorations for now.  A few ladies and teenage girls made these wonderful essential oil scented bath salts.  They had a little tag with the theme scripture:   Charm is deceptive and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised. Proverbs 31:30
 I bought styrofoam wig heads from Sally Beauty Supply.  Actually, a young girl I know ordered them from her friend who manages the store and they happened to be on sale that week!  24 wig heads came in two long boxes!  I've also seen wig heads at Hobby Lobby since then, though with a coupon, they are still more than these were.
 We got shower caps, eye masks, towel turbines....anything that was found in the beauty section of the  super centers and discount stores!
 Dollar Tree was a great source for supplies!  Bed, Bath & Beyond had these really cute satin shower caps.  This picture is a little blurry, but her cap has a rhinestone and satin ribbon bow.  So cute!
 The cucumbers on the eyes and the tinted cake icing face masks were our favorite things!  It was so much fun decorating the wig heads!!
 The Spa themed napkins and little plates came from Hobby Lobby.
 Each guest was given each of three soaps made by a couple of ladies.  They smelled wonderful!
 They had lots of fun making them, too!  Isn't it pretty?
 This one is more plain, but such a great scent!
 They said this one was the most difficult to make.  Beautiful!
 It's always neat when someone comes up with a unique idea for displaying things.  A friend had ladies help her tie the tableware utensils together.  We didn't like them just on top of the napkin, so this made them extra-pretty!
 The ladies had salads sitting on the table when the guests arrived.  Different dressings were available, as well.
The ladies also worked hard on the food, making the chicken spaghetti in advance and freezing it.
 To cover an ugly breaker box, a lady brought her pretty colored rug.  A friend spruced it up with a shower curtain and another shower cap!
 The foyer of the building had more decorated wig heads, plus these pretty Easter baskets (from Target) made into spa baskets!
 The fresh tulips are my own personal favorite.  We placed cucumbers in the water, just to help carry out the cucumber theme.
 That hat picture still isn't showing up. You'll just have to go to BB&B and buy your own to see it! :)
The programs, flyers, and projector slides all carried out the spa theme.
 One of our speakers makes beautiful fondant decorated cakes. She used this one in her lesson. I'll share more about that next time.  But it matched the color scheme!!
 More decor....
 ....and still more....
 A close up of her beautiful quilting cake design! She actually gave it to one of her parents best friends for her upcoming birthday.
 It just worked out that our paint color and pew/carpet colors all went with with the decorations this year!  How nice!
 Most of the bath mesh sponges, powders, shower gels, nail brushes, foot pumices, etc., came from Dollar Tree. I'll be using them in some really neat totes I bought for graduation gifts!  So, it was a two-fold purpose in buying them!
This little wire lady greeted the guests as they arrived.  It was a great success with a little over 100 people in attendance from 12 different towns!

Isn't it great to work together to make something wonderful happen?  And when it is all for God's glory, it makes it even more important.  We pray that He was glorified by this event, and that all who attended were inspired and uplifted.  May we ladies always strive to "Seek Spiritual Beauty".

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Super cute! I bet people who drove by and saw the wire lady were really wondering what was going on...I loved the wig forms too!! I agree with you, the group putting it all together usually benefits more than the recipients!

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