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Friday, March 6, 2015

All the Way To STATE!!!

What a season these boys have had! Actually, what a career these Seniors have had! Without question, the guys in our Senior class this year have had the most athletic ability as a whole, than any other class we've had. From the time they were in grade school, even before, actually, we knew how talented they were and we're looking forward to watching them for many years. None of us wanted it to be over, and with weight lifting, track, baseball and golf still to go, it's not over, but for the bigger team sports in our small school, it is. This team made it to State for the second year in a row, played the same team for the second year in a row, and unfortunately got beat in overtime for the second year in a row...this year by six points, last year by five.  These boys aren't used to overtime! They've not seen it many, if any other times in their whole careers!!

The amount of talent in the top of the team, which happens to be all of the Seniors, is unreal! Many of them are going on to play a sport in college. All of them could and may. We look forward to hearing about them and watching them. We also challenge them to go and be the best person they can be, not just on the court or field, but in life. It's easy to get caught up in the sports life (I mentioned recently that I do it, too!), but that's not ultimately what is important. Who you are matters. What you stand for and what you fall for matters. That's what's important. How you finish this life matters. Eternity matters.

Our son is a Sophomore on this team. He's had a great experience! We look forward to him becoming a leader for the team in the next few years and watching how they grow and improve as a team. Maybe these successful years aren't "over"! Maybe they will continue! Either way, I'll be there cheering the Tigers on! I can't wait! 

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