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Thursday, January 22, 2015

A New Adventure - Disney College Program Internship

Last Thursday, Lauren began a new adventure.  She had been accepted into the Disney College Program in October, and she packed up her car and was on her way to live and work at Walt Disney World!
Thankfully, I got to tag along! Our adventure began!  

We stayed the first night in Frisco, TX, eating at our favorite Mexican food place, Pappasitos.  We stayed at relative's house, so that was nice.  We were trying to get into their garage, knowing that their key pad was a little temperamental. After about 10-12 tries, though, we realized we were at the neighbors house! No wonder it wasn't working!! That was the first of many laughs along the trip!

In Mississippi, Lauren commented how the police lights on their cars were pretty....all blue.  A little bit later, we were in some traffic and all of a sudden, the many cars in front of us stopped abruptly!  Lauren managed to miss the car in front of us, but the guy behind us didn't' miss us.  We had to stop for a little while, until the police came and filed a report.  I told Lauren it was her fault because she liked those pretty lights!  

Her car wasn't too messed up...just a few problems on the back bumper. The guys car (which was his girlfriend's!) got it much worse.  We were on the road again in about 30 minutes.  

We made it to Tallahassee that night, then to Disney World the next day!

That first night we had reservations at the Boardwalk resort.  It was so neat because we hadn't ever been to that area of Disney World!  We walked the Boardwalk and ate Italian food.
Lauren posed on the Beach around the Boardwalk on the Beach Club Resort area.
We stayed at the Port Orleans French Quarter Resort. I'm not crazy about Mardi Gras decor, myself, but I love "The Princess and the Frog" and Disney makes ANYTHING fun, whether that's your favorite thing or not! This was a GREAT resort!   The street lamps and names, plus the buildings' designs, gave it a homey feel.
One of Lauren's roommates for the College Program was actually staying at the same resort as us, so we met her and her parents the day we got there.  We met the others for breakfast on Monday morning before she moved in.  We all caravanned to check in!
 While the girls were in their check-in, they found out where they were going to be living.  They got their #1 choice!! Yay!!  We hung out at the parent's info area.
Disney had it all organized superbly...just as expected!
 The girls were back with us in about an hour and we moved them in.
After many loads and trips, everything was in the apartment.  Of course, we had to stop for another group photo in front of their new home!

These girls found each other through the College Program Facebook page, so had their plan to room together early on.  Many arrivals didn't have anything worked out in advance. They were just put together with roommates on the day of arrival. We were thankful for social media and God bringing these girls together!
 One of the girls brought this cute Minnie Mouse stuff for the bathroom.
 One made lots of homemade decorations, like this cute table runner with appliquéd Mickey heads.  They all contributed to decorations.
Lauren made them all decorated initial letters for their area of the room. She asked each of them their favorite Disney things and colors, then decoupaged those items onto their letter, along with a scripture and their name.  Everything was looking great last time I saw the apartment.  Lauren's bed area wasn't done quite yet, so I'm anxious to see it when it is!
After unloading everything, and before one of the parents and a sibling had to go, one of the dads had us join in a circle and pray for the girls.  It was so special....and teary!  I love the fact that these girls have grown up in homes where faith is important.  They each love God and Jesus and are planning to do Bible studies together.  What a wonderful thing!!  It's a comfort to us parents.

I flew home early yesterday morning, having to leave the resort at 3:40 a.m.  I was so thankful to be home, even though I know it will be mid-May before I see Lauren again.

I'm excited for this new adventure for her and her roommates!  They begin official training in Disney's Traditions today.  It will be a special time.

Lauren will be working at Epcot in the American part of World Showcase.  She's proud to be representing America in this way!  What a wonderful new adventure awaits her!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Oh, sounds like it was an adventure! Glad everything went well once you got to FL!

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