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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2A State Golf Championship

The path to the State Golf Championship began last Thursday.
The entire student body (minus the 5th and 6th grade) had a send off as the boys headed out of town to practice at the course where they would be playing during the Championship.
It was an exciting time for the boys,
although they didn't seem like they liked the attention they were getting! Ha ha!
Then again, a special time on Sunday afternoon, as the boys were escorted out of town by our local police.  The siren blared through town, a rare occurrence in our small town!
 Our family had an evening devotional with most of the team at the hotel Sunday evening.  That was a special time.  
 Then early Monday morning the tournament began.  Twelve HS golf teams competing in the cold and wind.....
 ...then rain.  It was brutal, but the boys keep plugging along!  
 Riding from the comfort of the golf cart, I snapped some neat pictures. This one of my husband and youngest is pretty special. I'm sure they were discussing golf strategy!
 So many of the golfing pictures look the same, but sometimes you get some great ones.  Here son, Jacob, is contemplating his next shot.
And here....son, Zachary, is watching his ball.
 Yesterday was cold and windy, just like Monday, but something was different:  THE SUN WAS OUT!  Can't you just tell how much warmer it seemed?  Beautiful!
 And it was over.  Everyone shook hands at the end of the game.  Something I never noticed, was that they remove their caps before shaking hands. Golf is truly a gentleman's sport....and I'm thankful my two boys had this great experience of playing this sport at the state level.

The team came in 8th out of 12 teams.  The began at 11th, so we're proud of them! We're proud of them, anyway...just for being "them".  We're proud of the way they handled themselves on this level. it's different playing with so many spectators!  
Way to go, Tigers! You made history!
And thank you to Lauren, who was my golf cart partner and assistant photographer! We had lots of fun during this tournament - laughing and trying to stay warm - going back and forth from one son to the other.  Great memories!

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