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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mother/Daughter Road Trip - San Antonio and Fredericksburg

Before Lauren went to college, we didn't have time to take a weekend trip together, like I had wanted to.  Thankfully, it worked out that we  could take that trip this past weekend!  We had lots of fun, traveled lots of miles, saw new things, view some of God's beautiful creation, and made special memories.
Near the River Walk in San Antonio, we saw a few neat sites:  An old firetruck being towed...probably to that fire station museum or away from it.
Beautiful buildings with PALM TREES (I love seeing palm trees! I'm going to plant one - in southwest Oklahoma!)
The Alamo!  When Joe and I visited there years ago, I had no idea there was stuff behind this building! 

Lots of neat information about the history of the event, as well as a beautiful garden. There's a gift shop, too.

It was pouring rain as we walked along the River Walk! We had to stop in at CVS (which is right there on the River Walk) and buy ponchos.  But that's okay. :)
We ate at the Rainforest Cafe - a favorite place of our family, but we haven't been in several years.  Great food and great atmosphere! 

The mall had a GREAT Disney Store!  It even had a little castle room for little girls to admire their princess dresses.  Lauren tried it out!
The mall had a HUGE pair of boots outside of its entrance.
Saturday we went to Fredericksburg, TX. I had been there, but Lauren hadn't. We shopped up and down the main area, which was fun.
Then ate at Pasta Bella, a GREAT Italian restaurant.  Their Alfredo sauce is delicious!
Dessert was at Clear River, an ice cream, deli, and bakery shop. Very good!
We saw tons of bacon "stuff" and treats.  Hmmmmm.....Interesting.

It was a great mother/daughter weekend! We ended by attending a performance at the Rockbox Theater in Fredericksburg on Saturday night, then going to Bible class and worship and eating at the Peach Tree before heading back towards home.  It was a great little trip! I dropped my college girl off at her dorm, met her for lunch the next day, then headed back to Joe and the boys. I left her a fun surprise for her birthday, which was yesterday - lots of cupcakes and party supplies, so she could have a little birthday party in her dorm hall.

Thank you, God, for special times with my family...with all of them or one on one times.  A wonderful blessing.

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