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Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jacob!!!

Jacob at 15 years old....
Jacob at 1 year old....
WOW!!  What a change Jacob has gone through in the last year!  He decided on his own to lose some weight and get off sugar and all white flour last summer.  He had always been short-of-stature, and was my smallest of all four children at birth.  Along with loosing some weight, he also grew three inches at the end of the summer.  It was like a totally different person!  He was thrilled that he had grown, of course, but also that he had developed a healthier lifestyle to obtain his goal.  Since then he's grown a few more inches.  He's hopeful to be as tall as his older brother, but that may be a lofty goal! (haha!)

Isn't it fun to see young picture of your children and then compare them when they're older???  To me, these two pictures look so much alike.  However, we can't imagine what our children will look like when they're older based on a young picture.  It's kind of interesting to think about!

Letter to Jacob:
We are so very glad that you were given to us by God!  He blessed us with a spirited, funny, boy, who was a little different than the older two.  (I mean that in a not bad way, of course! :) )  You make us laugh, keep us entertained, and are always on some kind of adventure.  However, you also recently revealed that, at times, you can completely zone out and actually think of nothing!! (ha ha!)

You've recently said that you tune out our family meal time conversations because they're boring.....that you and I should switch brains.....which my response to you was, " thank you!" :)  You definitely make our family more exciting!!

We look forward to watching you play JH and HS sports this year.  It's fun watching you play so hard. We pray you have no more broken bones in your future.  We look forward the most to watching you continue to grow in the Lord.  We know He has great plans for your life in His Kingdom.  Always keep Him the center part of your life.

We love you very much!
Mom and Dad

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