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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Sock Basket

This is what we lovingly refer to as "The Sock Basket".  That's what it is - a basket for socks.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing special.  Just a simple white basket with a thousand bunch of socks.

 I know what you might be thinking:  "Wouldn't it be better if you sorted the socks like normal people do and put them in the drawers where they belong?"  Well, yes.  Maybe it would.  But, that would take a lot of time and it's so much quicker and easier to just throw them into this basket and then we just get them out when we need them.  Wouldn't you agree? (Well, perhaps you wouldn't.)

The way I see it is that "The Sock Basket" is a learning tool.  It teaches the kids organizational skills and how to know - it improves their eye/hand coordination.  Or at least it should.  With Tyler, our youngest who's seven, apparently it isn't working!
Every once in a while we have a sock-sorting party and everyone does 10 pair each, but, most of the time we just keep them in the basket.  The kids didn't like it when I first suggested it, but I assured them that I grew up with a sock basket and survived and they would, too.  One of our kid's teachers, who also happens to have a family of six like we do, is also a proponent of "The Sock Basket".  I was thrilled to hear that it's a common thing! 

"The Sock Basket" - it's just one of those things that makes life simpler. A simpler life....I like that!

How do you simplify your life? 


Let'sMakeADifference said...

When I first saw the picture of your sock basket, I thought you had snuck into my laundry room and stolen our basket of SOCKS with NO MATES :( Now I'm just going to call it 'Our Sock Basket!' :)

Colleen M said...

LOVE IT! I hate sorting socks. To me, it can such a "waste" of time. LOL I too started a year or two ago a sock basket. I tried buying different brands for everyone, so I'd know whose was whose (they don't have that many brands available ) - still had to sort and would forget whose brand was whose. So now we too have a sock basket. The sock basket works very well!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Yes, we have one, too, but it is also the mismatched ones. The boys go in there almost daily to find socks, because what happens is only about half their dirty socks make it to the laundry. I don't think there's a good solution. Unless you want to be like my husband who pins all his together before putting them in the hamper...

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