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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Chronicles of Biscuit - I Won!

Do you see the HUGE hole in the knee of Biscuit's pants?  Well, yesterday after school Biscuit (our youngest child) and one of our other sons had a dentist appointment.  When we got to the dentist as Biscuit was getting out of the van, I noticed ths hole.  Here's the conversation that followed:
Me:  Biscuit, how did you get that hole in your pants?
Biscuit:  I was trying to win the race at P.E.
Me:  Where were you racing?
Biscuit:  In the gym.
Me:  You tore that big of a hole in the gym?  Are you sure you didn't get a small hole then tear it with your hands and make it bigger?
Biscuit:  No, mom.  I'm telling the truth.  It tore in the gym.  I wanted to be first in the race.
Me:  Did you win?
Biscuit:  Yes.
Me: (In my head, but not out loud, "Well, you'd better be glad you won since you got that hole and went to the trouble to slide into the finish line.)
Me: What did Coach W. say?
Biscuit:  Nothin'.  Sorry about my pants, Mom.
Me:  It's okay this time.

I didn't really know what to say.  I am amazed that the hole is so big after sliding in the gym to win the race, but apparently it did.  I could end this post with "Winning isn't everything" and say that I told Biscuit that winning shouldn't have been that important, but I know that he didn't mean to tear the pants.  It just happened.  I didn't get on to him yesterday.  If it continues and more clothes get torn, then I would, of course.

Here's my thought for today:  Forgiveness and mercy... God's continued love for His children.  A parent forgiving a child and granting mercy...a parent's love for their children.

P.S. And did you notice Biscuit's un-matching socks?  That's for another post.  There's sure to be a lesson there!

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