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Monday, September 19, 2016

Our Family's Oklahoma State Fair Tradition

This year marked the 22nd year in a row that my husband and I have attended the Oklahoma State Fair since becoming parents.  We had gone many years before becoming parents, as well, so it's a long-time tradition.  This year, with our daughter being a Senior in college and not sure where her future career will take her, it could be the last of our "whole family" Fair trips.  Every time I say something like that, the kids say, "Mom, you always say that!".  Yes, I do, but some day it really will be a "last" for some of them.  That's why it's so special to me!  And to them, as well.
The "Disney on Ice" show ended up being one of our favorites, even though going into it we weren't sure! They did the condensed version of these four movies:  Toy Story 3, Cars, The Little Mermaid, and Frozen.  It was the first time we had seen a show with Frozen, so that was neat!  It was so funny to hear the dads behind us singing along with the songs! Ha ha!  It seems that a lot of people still like that movie!  Our oldest boy slept through most of the first half.  That was funny, too, and reminded me of when my parents went with us and my dad would do the same, except through the entire thing!
We are always excited to see Mickey & Minnie, of course!  It wouldn't be "Disney" if they didn't show up!
 The pumpkin painting contest was so cute this year! These were the Grand Champions of all - pumpkins painted like Dory and Nemo.  So cute!!
 The sun was bright and blinding, but we stopped for the traditional "Centennial Building" picture of the kids.  They're such good sports! I didn't take my good camera, but wish I had now!
The big slide is always our favorite!!  I love getting pictures of them all the way down the thing!  They were all so funny!  
After Bible class and worship on Sunday, we were able to eat together as a family plus a friend.  Since we won't be all together next weekend for our oldest's 22nd birthday, we celebrated at lunch.  So hard to believe she will be 22!!  That makes me feel old! :)  But now she can truly sing Taylor Swift's "Feeling 22" song and it be REALLY REAL!

Such a fun time!  Great memories we will cherish forever!

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