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Monday, March 7, 2016

Spring Sing 2016

What a fun weekend getting to be with our two oldest children at college and seeing our daughter perform in the annual "Spring Sing" show!  She was a lion for her club whose performance was based on the Ringling Bro. Circus and on the state of Wisconsin.
Our oldest son probably won't ever be in Spring Sing (he missed out on being a "Mickey Mouse" this year because of the time/work issues), but he enjoyed seeing many friends perform.
Even though the performances are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, plus Saturday afternoon, Saturday night is the "big" one because awards are given, so it's especially fun to be a part of that evening.  Our daughter's club won "Audience Favorite" as one of their awards.
I loved the theme:  Land That We Love.  It was awesome for the clubs/groups to pick a state and do an act from it, but the hosts of the show sang songs that had to do with America or a state.  It was great!
Most of the girls in our daughter's club wore the ringmaster's suit.  They made all of it themselves! I didn't realize they did that! I thought they ordered some of it!  So impressive!!!
A neat treat was that my parents got to come from Texas to attend the Friday night performance.  They were able to eat with the two oldest a few times, then a few of us joined them Saturday morning for breakfast before they left.
The other award my daughter's group won was the poster contest.  Theirs is the bottom right picture of the circus theme. It was GREAT!!! Such a beautiful job!
It's always nat seeing the pictures!  They also do a video clip at the beginning of each segment. Those are pretty cute, as well!
Our daughter's best friend from high school was in a club that did "Annie".  She was ONE of what seemed like 100 ANNIES! Ha ha!  I told her I couldn't pick her out during the show!
Our nephew didn't get to do the show this year, but his club won. It was an Alaskan theme and the guys dressed like Eskimos.  Really cute!  

I love the "Spring Sing" tradition.  It gets a little competitive, which isn't probably good, but in the end, hopefully everyone realizes it is all about the finished product being a show that brings people together and something to be proud of - and hopefully at the end - it's all been done in a way that glorifies the Lord.  That's what matters the most.

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