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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Happy 19th Birthday, Zachary....Trip to Vienna!

It's Zachary's 19th birthday!  Happy birthday to him!  He also just returned home from a trip to Vienna, Austria, on Sunday, so I'm using some of his trip photos for this post.

We were so excited to pick him up at the airport Sunday afternoon! It wasn't the longest trip he's been on, but it was definitely the farthest away he's been!

The group was part of a new trip to Vienna called, "First Class".  Invitations were sent to all in-coming Freshman attending Oklahoma Christian in the fall.  It was a wonderful opportunity that also provided each student with two credit hours towards their college degree.

Before they left the campus, they had a prayer.

Upon arriving in Vienna, Zachary quickly tried new things - such as KANGAROO!!  I couldn't figure out why there was kangaroo in Austria, but he said it was an international festival going on and that Austria actually sells shirts that say: There are no kangaroos in Austria!  I guess people get them confused with Australia! Ha ha!
It's hard to believe Zachary is 19 today, but as I've probably said every year for many years - we feel like we've been raising a 22 year old for quite some time.  I laugh that he came out of the womb a little man because he did!  :)

Zachary said his best meal was this tuna and caramelized onion pizza!  He's going to duplicate it, he says!
I would rathe him duplicate this - GELATO!  He said one guy had 35 scoops while they were there!  He said it was delicious! I'm sure it was!

They saw some beautiful sites!  This is a statue of Mozart, who was buried in Vienna for a while, then moved.
The night before he left Vienna, he told us we needed signs to pick up him up. I believed him so made some, but then he said he was joking.  But, since the signs were made, we held them up at his arrival. It was funny!  He liked it, though!
A few pictures the group posted showed the kids sleeping wherever and whenever they could.  Zachary said that this was very comfy even though it sure doesn't look like it!
We're so thankful Zachary had this opportunity to bond with these students before getting to college.  They grew in their faith, they grew in their friendship, and they grew in their maturity by being in different situations.
Happy birthday, Zachary!  We are very proud of the man you are and the man you are striving to be.  We're thankful that serving God and following Jesus is the very most important thing in your life and that you've decided to make that your career - to bring others to Him.  May God bless you now and always and direct your steps in the path He would have you to go.  I love you very much!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sweet! Glad he had the opportunity to go to Vienna!

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