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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

THS Seniors of 2015 - September

Last night our oldest son's Senior class met at our house.  It was the second "get-together" for their Senior year, and the class of 21 had 100% attendance for the evening! That is just amazing!  Unfortunately this picture was taken right after one boy left. Next time we'll have to get everyone.  This is a great class. They all get along. Many of them have been together, for the most part, for many, many years.  And the newer ones seem like they've been here the whole time. They're making lots of memories this year. We're thankful to be just a small part in those memories.

This picture is in front of my old pickup.  You can't really see the old pickup!  I'll have to share it with you on another post. It's all pumpkin-ized!
 Mexican food was the menu for last night's meal.  Royce is showing Tanner how to properly fold a burrito! His work at Sonic taught him that skill. He now works as a waiter at a Mexican restaurant!
These little great-nephews aren't Seniors, but they had stopped by the house for a pumpkin photo shoot. They got the ice cream treats the big guys were eating :).
One parent sent delicious Reese's-type cookie bars.  They went perfectly with ice cream cones and sundaes!
 They had fun with spray whipped cream! I think Christian's bowl was half whipped what he had in his mouth!

 Megan's bowl was so pretty! She put this waffle cone on top. I told her she could work at Disney World with that pretty bowl, but then found out that my husband did it!  Maybe he should :).
Group photo during meal...
Other table during meal....
 Football basketball was next on the schedule.
 The boys would throw the football and try to make it in the basketball goal!
 Guess who was the only one to make it???  "G"...the quarterback!  Way to go, G!
Some of the Senior girls posing....not really, but it looked like it!

Then night ended in car hide and seek. And they let me play along with them! It was so much fun!

My sister-in-law asked about car hide and seek, so I'm sharing the answer with case you wonder or want to play!  I think us parents should play. It's FUN!!

You start from "base", which was our house, then one car (each car has 3 or 4 people) goes to hide. There are road boundaries. You have only 3 minutes to hide, then the other cars go looking for you for 10 minutes! The hidden car sends text hints/clues to the others. If they don't find the hidden car, then a text is sent out to all go back to the home base, then the next car hides. Our car was probably disadvantaged because Jacob had to drive the speed limit with me in there! Ha ha!! No one was driving fast, though. Want to make that clear . Zachary was driving one of the other ones. 

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