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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy 16th Birthday, Jacob!

Even though it makes me feel really old that I can buy party decorations in my own teenage decade, since the '80's were such a great time for me - and because our third child, son Jacob, also is an 80's fan, it seemed like the perfect surprise theme for his birthday! 
Jacob had to have the mullet, too! I knew he would wear it :).  He even wore the 80's words buttons on his shirt!  It was a lot of fun!
Jacob never cares for being demanding - even on his birthday. He was fine to let his older brother change his traditional hot dog and hamburger party meal for pulled pork sandwiches.  The older brother ordered baked beans, too! Jacob doesn't like baked beans, so I opened up Ranch Style Beans, just for him (and his dad). Ha ha!
Jacob did ask for a special drink treat. He thinks that he'll eventually become a coffee addict, but until he's grown that's not happening!  He can have occasional treats, such as this, though.  Every once in a while isn't bad.
  The older brother even picked out the desserts. Jacob didn't care to have a "real" birthday cake, so I made a chocolate sheet cake and semi-decorated it - just for fun!
 And older brother thought strawberry cake would be Jacob's first choice. It's not a good decorating cake, but it sure is a good "eating" cake!
 Jacob wanted a family party, and it happened to be when some "old" friends were in town visiting. These "old" friends aren't "old", but lived here when Jacob was little.  They are more like family than friends. A great group!
When these three were little, they were together a lot.  Through the years, the two on the end have moved, then one came back - the cousin on the right. He and Jacob have a lawn mowing business together for the summer.  They do lots of things together, and enjoy getting together with the other friend as much as possible.  So neat to watch them grow up, but never apart!


I was thinking about your past year. I think it's the MOST you have grown up in a year since you were little!  The scripture comes to mind:  "And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man."  Luke 2:52.  I believe you have increased in wisdom this year. I know you have.  You've also increased in stature.  You have MUSCLES!  You are so excited about that! :)  And, most importantly, I believe you have grown in favor with God. You are growing spiritually every day.  I see it, and so do others.  And because of that, you are growing in favor with mankind.  I am proud of you.

You'll be getting your license next week. That is opening up a new world for you, and for the first time as a mom of a young driver, I admit I'm a little nervous!  You know it, and I think you're proud of that! Ha ha!  I think you're reckless spirt is inspiring, but never forget to be cautious and careful.  If for no one it for your mom :).

From the time you were born, you have made us laugh.  Your personality is special.  God gave you a gift of that special personality. We pray that you always use it to brighten up the lives of those around you, just as you do ours.

I look forward to seeing what God has planned for your life.  Always listen to Him. He will guide you in His Word, by His Spirit, and through people he puts in your course of life.  Strive to do His Will - always.

Happy birthday, Jacob.  Sixteen years.  That's just amazing.  I'm thankful God has blessed us with you as a son.  I'm thankful to get to be your mom.  And though I say it in a joking way, I know you really will visit me some day when I'm in a nursing home.  And I thank you in advance for that :).  We'll play Liverpool or Bananagrams, okay?  Ha ha!  I won't know if I have a book or run.  I won't know if I'm spelling the words or not.  But you'll be there, and that's all that matters!  Ha ha!

I love you, Jacob!

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