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Monday, December 9, 2013

Let It Snow!

It's been pretty amazing around SW Oklahoma! We have had two big snows (big for us!) this year, already, and it's still on the ground four days later. With temps in the 7 to 32 degree range over the past few days, it's easy to tell why it's still here, too.  It's just unusual for us to have this much snow and for it to stay longer than a day! 

The snow began to fall last Thursday, causing the school to close early and letting out Friday, too.  This  gave our three boys a really long weekend of fun and family time!
I like being snowed in. It shows me that I'm not in control, or that any of us are in control of the weather. Only God is.  That shows His power and might!
Being snowed in changed some plans for our town....having to cancel our football state championship game and us having to cancel our church family gathering at our house for Sunday night. I got of online Christmas shopping done, which I wasn't sure when I would have the time to get some of it done - some that involved uploading photos...lots and lots of photos.
When the temperature was a little higher, the boys played and played. They scooped snow for building projects.
They played football. (This one got tackled!) The snow was/is really dry, so they didn't come in all wet like you might think.
They built a bucket-made snowman, with spray-painted eyes, mouth, and buttons. (Ha ha!!)
And they made a huge pyramid.
That thing is about 6 feet tall!
Yesterday I had them pose, right after worship, for a quick "brothers" picture. It sure seems odd not to have a "sister" in the picture!  She'll be home soon for Christmas break, so we'll have to take more pictures with her in the shot.

The boys had to go to school this morning. They didn't want to, but it's probably best. The way it looks, we may be getting more snow days in the future.  We all hope so, anyway! :)

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Glad you all enjoyed it! We are still below freezing for the 4th day (?) with snow and ice and still out of school. CRAZY but fun too!

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