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Friday, November 8, 2013

The Chronicles of Biscuit - Better Isn't Good Enough

Biscuit has been home a few days with strep throat.  This morning, as I woke him up, I thought maybe he would feel better and want to go to school.  I said, "Tyler, you're feeling a little better, aren't you?" He said, "Well, yesterday was so bad that a little better isn't good enough."  

You parents and grandparents all know how hard it is to see our children sick and how thankful we are when they are all better. For Biscuit to not be outside playing some sport (currently football) any time he has the opportunity is just not normal.  He isn't as happy and spirited.  He's just laying around, which isn't normal for him at all.  It makes me thankful for good health for my children when they have it.

It also makes me think of those  whose children are chronically and critically ill with things that won't get better.  I can't imagine the struggle they have, but also the strength they must have to deal with all they have to go through and deal with.  I think of those whose children have passed away due to these complications, and my heart aches for their loss.

Be thankful for the health of those around you.  Remind yourself that someone is struggling with illness right now, either in themselves or with a family member.  Pray for them. Do something to help them, if you can.  They need support.

Biscuit will get better, and will be back outside probably before the end of this day. But many won't. They won't be able to go play outside.  They won't be able to go back to school.  Let's do what we can to brighten their lives, and to show our support and love to those who are carrying for them.

Though the physical body may be unhealthy and we may not be able to do anything about it, it is possible keep our spiritual bodies healthy.  And there is something we can do about it.  We can choose to follow Jesus!  We can become a child of God by giving our lives to Jesus! We can have our sins washed away! What a wonderful thing!
My son, pay attention to what I say;
    turn your ear to my words.
Do not let them out of your sight,
    keep them within your heart;
for they are life to those who find them
    and health to one’s whole body.
Proverbs 4:20-22

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