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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Picture Day!

After months and months of wanting to take pictures of our children all together at a special place, we finally had the opportunity to do so on Memorial Day.  Sure, we have lots of snapshots throughout the school year of various activities, but we don't have "formal" pictures - the kind when everyone matches and poses.  That's what I wanted:  a real, authentic PICTURE DAY!
The kiddos weren't too thrilled about the idea of dressing up and going to have pictures taken.  They were even less thrilled when we arrived at our destination and it was full of people - visiting the area for Memorial Day.
It made it a little better for them when they learned we were going out to eat AFTER the pictures were taken.  It made them smile and get into position much, much quicker!
Even though they don't believe me, I tell them that someday they will be glad I insisted on so many pictures - and special ones like these once or twice a year.  (They don't believe me.)  My husband usually makes the kids laugh on these days, but today he didn't tease them.  I think he was ready to eat lunch, too!
But,  you know?  In a few years, Lauren will be gone from home.  I'll be glad I have these pictures.
And then, Zachary will be grown....
And then Jacob....
And finally, Tyler.  It seems like he's got a while, but I know it will come quickly, too.
These pictures will be precious memories of their "growing up" years, and I'll cherish them always.  I'm sure they'll have fun looking at them when they get older, too....and so will their children.
They'll look back and see the fun times.
They'll look back and think of the games they played.
They'll look back and see that they were not just siblings - but that they were friends (and I'm quite certain they'll remember the fussin' and fightin', too!)
But, I hope they'll always remember the love they had for one another.
That being part of God's team is more important than being a part of any earthly team.
I pray they'll remember to keep His Word in their hearts - always.
"I press on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenwards in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 3:14
I pray they never forget who they are (our children), WHOSE they are (God's children), where they came from (small town - Tipton, OK), and where they're headed (Heaven).

I'm grateful for Picture Day - even if it only comes about once or twice a year.
This post is linked to Gratituesday, hosted by Heavenly Homemakers.  Stop by and see what others are grateful for today!


Brenda Ball said...

Great site Lori!!! I love the pictures of the kids.... I never had any of them when I was working at the school but Jacob. I look forward to his hugs each time I visit at the school. They are all great kids.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I love the ones in the basketball shorts too! Fun!

Sarah said...

Well that got me sobbing! What a special day...and great pictures! Your daughter is gorgeous :)

Have a happy Gratituesday!


Christy said...

We haven't had a group shot in several years - I need one! Yours is great.

Lori said...

Thanks, everyone!

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