Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trunk or Treat 2012

Yesterday our congregation changed regular Bible classes to an earlier gathering that had a devotional time of lots of singing, praying, scripture reading, and a lesson from 1 John.  After that praise time, we had a cookout, followed by Trunk or Treat.  We invited the whole town, and I think half of the town (at least!) showed up!  What a GREAT evening!
Our family did a sports theme using our Expedition.  The back of it featured a football theme and son, Jacob, did a football throw.
In the back of my husband's pickup, which was parked right next to the expedition, he had a double basketball goal to let the kids shoot balls.  He was dressed as a referee.
Behind the vehicles, our older children had a putting green...
....and a string with an inflatable baseball for batting practice.  The kids had lots of fun playing the games!
One of our family members had a cute Mike Witkowski (from Monsters' Inc) theme.  Music was playing in the background.
 My mother in law had a pumpkin bean bag toss that was fun for the kids.
 Next to Mike was this Monsters, Inc. themed trunk.
 I loved seeing this trunk!!  Two friends went together and one of them sat in the trunk and passed out treats!!  She seemed perfectly comfy, but I don't think I could have stayed there that long!
This was a pretty fall theme!
So many people opened up their trunks and their hearts to the community!  We had at least 20 vehicles!
More fall themes....
This trunk had decorated sacks for the kids.  Cute picture of this couple!
More sweet friends passing out treats!
I love seeing young people get involved and helping!
Smiling faces were abundant!
Bolo golf is always fun!

It was a great evening!  Thanks to everyone who participated and attended! We pray you were blessed by being there!


  1. Hi where did you get the small net in the football throw trunk?

  2. Beth, I'm so sorry I can't remember where we got that net! I've searched online and can't seem to find one like it, either!


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